Department of Biostatistics and Translational Medicine
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We are pleased to inform you that the project 'Radonek-AI – virtual assistant for oncological patients' has been granted 70,000.00
We are happy to congratulate our PhD student, Damian Mikulski, M.D., for recently published correspondence "MicroRNAs predict early complications of
We are pleased to announce that Prof. Wojciech Fendler has been honored with the prestigious "ACHIEVEMENTS IN 2023" award at
We are happy to announce that the miRPOC project ("miRPOC: miRNA as biomarkers in early detection and personalised treatment in
We are pleased to share a recent publication coauthored by Dr. Urszula Smyczyńska and Prof. Wojciech Fendler, entitled "Biological basis
In recent days, Aleksander Rycerz, Eng., a sixth-year medical student pursuing an Individual Course of Study in our Department, visited
We are pleased to announce that Ewelina Perdas, PhD, from our Department, has become one of the 114 laureates of
We are delighted to highlight the recent achievement of our team members: prof. Wojciech Fendler, together with his former PhD
Dr. Konrad Stawiski has been elected as a member of the international working group focusing on artificial intelligence in oncological
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