Anna Matyjek

Anna Matyjek is a doctor (graduated from Medical University of Warsaw in 2013), a PhD (2019), a specialist in nephrology (2020) and internal diseases (2022). She completed the postgraduate studies in biostatistics at the Medical University of Lodz (2017/2018), and the international GlomCon Virtual Fellowship Focus On Glomerular Disease (2021/2022). Since 2022, she has also been a member of the board of the Young Nephrologists Club of the Polish Society of Nephrology. Her research interests include glomerular diseases, especially manifested as nephrotic syndrome, as well as secondary to ANCA-associated vasculitis. She is the author of 2 grants for non-commercial clinical trials in this field and the scientific director of one of them. She is the author and co-author of several original papers, lectures and conference abstracts. Currently, she is working on project of the Immunonephrology Working Group entitled "Immunocompetence across autoimmune diseases" on the research fellowship in Innsbruck (awarded by the European Renal Association).
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