Damian Mikulski

Damian Mikulski is a Ph.D. candidate and a medical doctor with a particular interest in data science and the application of biostatistics in onco-hematology research studies. Being a graduate of the Faculty of Medicine at the Medical University of Lodz in Poland, he started his residency at the Department of Hematooncology, Copernicus Memorial Hospital in Lodz. He started in 2019 his doctoral studies supervised by prof. Wojciech Fendler, at the Department of Biostatistics and Translational Medicine at the Medical University of Lodz, Poland. In his research work, he focuses on the role of miRNAs as biomarkers of toxicity in the course of chemotherapy. Damian Mikulski is currently taking part in many research projects involving clinical medicine, clinical trials, and bioinformatics. Damian Mikulski has published several articles, presented numerous research posters, and submitted abstracts on the local and international conferences in the field of hematology, including Congresses of the Polish Society of Hematology and Transfusion Medicine (PTHiT, Polskie Towarzystwo Hematologów I Transfuzjologów) and American Society of Hematology (ASH) meetings. His research also focuses on the biology and treatment of hematological malignancies (including plasma cell myeloma, chronic lymphocytic leukemia, lymphoma).

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