Paweł Sztromwasser

Paweł is a postdoctoral researcher with MSc in computer science (2007) from University of Wrocław and PhD in bioinformatics (2014) from University of Bergen (UoB), Norway. His interests and main areas of expertise are bioinformatics, genomics, software development and large scale computing and data analysis. Since 2011 Paweł has extensively worked with high-throughput sequencing data, first at the Computational Biology Unit (UoB) and at the Center for Medical Genetics and Molecular Medicine (UoB / Haukeland University Hospital in Bergen), and subsequently at the Medical University of Łódź, and National Veterinary Research Institute in Puławy. In his career, Paweł has analyzed tens of human whole genomes, hundreds human whole-exomes, and hundreds bacterial genomes. He has played a key role in building an automated exome sequencing analysis system for routine genetic diagnostics at the Haukeland University Hospital, and helped tracing antimicrobial genes in bacteria from Polish poultry farms. Currently, as a NCN Polonez fellow, Paweł is leading a project that aims at developing new bioinformatics tools for whole-genome sequencing data analysis in rare monogenic disease, with particular focus on regulatory variants.

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