We are pleased to inform you that two high school students, Agata Kozajda and Julia Świerczyńska, the youngest members of our team, have participated on the 2nd of June in the regional E(x)plory festival in Lodz, and have been promoted to the next stage of E(x)plory research competition.

Their project, “In Vino Veritas: impact of red-wine miRNAs on cardiovascular diseases”, focuses on the role of miRNA as a possible compound responsible for the French Paradox. During the project, our youngest researchers have performed many complex bioinformatic analyses and participated in the isolation and quantification of miRNAs from wine. Congratulations!

For more details, visit: https://www.explory.pl/2022/naukowcy/4-agata-kozajda-julia-swierczynska/

Supporting the youngest researchers at the E(x)plory festival
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