Our team visited Boston, USA, to present our results in diabetes-related research during 45th ISPAD Congress 2019, which took place from 30th October to 2nd November 2019. Beata Małachowska (MD) discussed whether Hypoglycemia leaves a persistent metabolomic fingerprint in children with type 1 diabetes duringAcute and Chronic Complications and Associated Diseases” oral session. Other works were presented as by younger members of our team: Arkadiusz Michalak, MD (Clinical characteristics of patients with HNF1B testing – Polish population study) and Jedrzej Chrzanowski (Glycemic variability assessment with continuous glucose monitoring systems demonstrates seasonal patterns in pediatric patients with type 1 diabetes mellitus). We had an amazing opportunity to meet and listen to the world`s leading researchers in the field talking about achievements and challenged of today`s diabetology for children and adolescents. The event gave us great deal of scientific inspiration and motivation to pursue our projects.

Jedrzej Chrzanowski presenting poster

Arek Michalak presenting his poster

ISPAD Congress 2019
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