Our new paper on Angiosarcoma Expression Profiling

Urszula Smyczyńska PhD and Wojciech Fendler MD PhD in cooperation with scientists from Polish Academy of Sciences and from University of Warsaw have published a paper entitled TP53-Deficient Angiosarcoma Expression Profiling in Rat Model in Cancers journal (IF 6.37)

Angiosarcoma is a tumor from the group of sarcomas – malignant tumors which develop from mesenchymal cells. They can be present in various locations including brain, head and neck, abdomen and limbs. Although patients with early detected sarcomas benefit from combined treatment and 5-year survival rate is within a range of 60-80%, patients with metastatic disease eligible for chemotherapy only show five-year survival below 10%. Targeted drugs are hoped to have the potential of improving neoplasms’ therapy outcomes, yet so far only one such chemical has been identified as suitable for treatment of sarcomas.

This study conducted on TP53-deficient rat model provides insight into genes and pathways upregulated and downregulated in angiosarcomas, which may contribute to identification of novel drug targets and consequently, new drug discovery.
Moreover, it stresses the fact that the type of developing sarcoma depends on genetic background and underscoring the importance of developing more malignancy susceptibility models in studying sarcoma.

Click here to read the paper.

Our new paper on Angiosarcoma Expression Profiling
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