We are pleased to inform about the publication of our new article “GlyCulator 3.0: A Fast, Easy-to-Use Analytical Tool for CGM Data Analysis, Aggregation, Center Benchmarking, and Data Sharing” in the Diabetes Care (IF: 19,110). Main authors of the work, performed in cooperation with clinicians from Department of Pediatrics, Diabetology, Endocrinology and Nephrology, Medical University of Lodz, Poland, are members of our team – Jędrzej Chrzanowski and Szymon Grabia MSc. The article is an update on our 2010 software – GlyCulator, and is available here: https://glyculator.btm.umed.pl/

Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) systems become more common in daily clinical practice for diabetes control, especially in children with type 1 diabetes. Our tool will allow for simple and fast analysis and storage of CGM data, sharing the results with other users and to perform large benchmarking studies. GlyCulator 3.0 utilises glycemic variability indices as defined in the current Standards of Diabetes Care, and fits with current reimbursement changes in Poland – starting in January 2023, some CGM systems will be partially reimbursed for older patients (up to 26 years old).

The paper has been published in an open-access. Click here to read the paper

Our paper in Diabetes Care
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