During the XXIV Scientific Congress of the Diabetes Poland, held in Katowice, we had the opportunity to celebrate the successes of our team and our colleagues.

Jędrzej Chrzanowski, a student member of our Department, was awarded the Kazimierz Funk Prize for the best scientific publication in the field of diabetology and internal medicine. The awarded work can be read here.

Furthermore, Dr. Hanna Kuśmierczyk-Kozieł, our close collaborator from the Department of Pediatrics, Diabetology, Endocrinology, and Nephrology, was honored with a research grant from the Diabetes Poland. With the received funding, she will be working on the project “Evaluation of the presence of serological markers of autoimmune encephalitis among children with type 1 diabetes, with particular emphasis on patients with coexisting neurological disorders – a pilot study.”


Success at the XXIV Scientific Congress of the Diabetes Poland
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