In recent days, Aleksander Rycerz, Eng., a sixth-year medical student pursuing an Individual Course of Study in our Department, visited the Cancer Research Institute in Cambridge, UK. During his stay at the Institute, he actively participated in research on the photoacoustic imaging of ovarian cancers dependent on endometriosis, led by Dr. Monika Golińska, PhD.

Since November, Aleksander has been a student stipend in the project “Identification of Angiogenesis and Metabolic Markers in Endometriosis and its Associated Epithelial Ovarian Cancer using Photoacoustic Imaging and Data Exploration (ENDOVO)” POLONEZ BIS 3, funded by the National Science Center. As part of the project, he analyzes publicly available databases in search of genetic foundations of endometriosis and ovarian cancers related to it.

Eng. Aleksander Rycerz visits Cancer Research Institute in Cambridge
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