We are pleased to share a recent publication coauthored by Dr. Urszula Smyczyńska and Prof. Wojciech Fendler, entitled “Biological basis of extensive pleiotropy between blood traits and cancer risk.” The study offers valuable insights into the genetic basis of complex links between systemic immune cell levels and cancer susceptibility.

The findings highlight genomic areas such as 5p15-TERT and 6p21-HLA, underscore the importance of genes involved in telomere length regulation and hematopoiesis , as features implicated in the process of cancer development. Another exciting aspect of the study is the association between the dysregulation in small noncoding Y-RNAs and cancer risk – the especially relevant aspect considering our recent publication, which you can read here. Altogether, these insights open new directions for future research on cancer risk assessment strategies.

We congratulate Dr. Smyczyńska, Prof. Fendler, and all authors of this paper, wishing them further scientific success!

The full manuscript is available in open access here.

Our new article in Genome Medicine!
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