We are thrilled to share that our PhD student, Damian Mikulski, M.D., has recently published a groundbreaking article in one of the premier hematology journals, Blood (Impact Factor: 20.3). The paper is titled “Mass Spectrometry-Based Assessment of M-protein in Peripheral Blood During Maintenance Therapy in Multiple Myeloma.”

This research highlights the prognostic value of mass spectrometry for assessing measurable residual disease via M-protein in peripheral blood. Notably, the study demonstrates a significant correlation, with agreement rates of 70% and 67% respectively, between peripheral blood tests and bone marrow assessments conducted through next-generation sequencing or multiparameter flow cytometry. These findings suggest a potentially transformative clinical impact. Furthermore, the post-transplant mass spectrometry evaluations provide additional prognostic insights beyond those offered by bone marrow tests. Ongoing research will further elucidate the utility and optimal timing of this testing approach within disease evaluation protocols.

The full manuscript is available here.

Our new article published in Blood!
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