During the 21st Meeting of Diabetes Poland, members of our team (Jędrzej Chrzanowski, Arkadiusz Michalak) had the chance to present 3 talks during two sessions.

  • Comparison of 1st and 2nd Freestyle Libre generation systems vs glucometer in children with type 1 diabetes during summer camp
  • Improved estimation of glycated hemoglobin concentration using Continuous Glucose Monitoring for clinical practice
  • Minimum Continuous Glucose Monitoring record time and completeness sufficient for reliable clinical implementation

Moreover, the presentation by Jędrzej Chrzanowski has been awarded 1st prize in the Young Researchers Session. The results presented by our team shed new light on the efficacy of use of Continuous Glucose Monitoring systems and their clinical interpretation. Congratulations!

Abstracts are available here.

21st Meeting of Diabetes Poland
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